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    What We Offer

    Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic offers a range of convenient and professional mobile mechanic services to cater to various automotive repair and maintenance needs. Our services include on-site diagnostics, engine repairs, brake services, electrical troubleshooting, transmission repairs, and general vehicle maintenance. With a skilled team of technicians and equipped mobile units, Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic provides reliable and efficient solutions, bringing our expertise directly to customers’ locations in the Fontana area.

    Brake Repair

    Brake Repair Excellence: Stopping Problems in Their Tracks

    A/C Repair

    Cool Comfort Restored: A/C Repair that Breathes Refreshment.

    Spark Plugs and Ignition Coil

    Igniting Performance: Sparking Power with Precision Services

    Tire Replacement

    New Tires, Fresh Journeys: Roll On with Confidence

    Car Mechanic

    Driving Dreams, Mastering Machines: Your Trusted Car Mechanic

    Engine Repair

    Revive, Renew, Restore: Engine Repair at Its Finest

    this image shows car repair services in Fontana, CA
    this image shows car repair service in Fontana, CA

    Why Choose Us


    The mechanics at Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic are highly skilled and experienced professionals. We possess the knowledge to diagnose a wide range of automotive problems and provide effective solutions.


    Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic brings the expertise of professional mechanics right to your doorstep. No more driving to a repair shop, waiting in lines, or arranging transportation while your vehicle is being serviced.

    Quality Service

    Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic takes pride in delivering top-notch service. We use high-quality parts and employ industry-best practices to ensure your vehicle’s longevity and performance. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the repair itself, fostering lasting customer satisfaction.

    Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic

    Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic stands out as a premier purveyor of on-the-move vehicle repair amenities, curating a seamless and hassle-free repair journey. Rooted in our dedication to furnishing dependable and effective resolutions, we offer an extensive spectrum of repair services to Fontana denizens and their adjacent locations. Our squad of adept mechanics commands the expertise and provisions necessary to address an array of vehicular predicaments, encompassing engine anomalies, brake glitches, punctured tires, and drained batteries.

    What sets Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic apart is our emphasis on convenience and adaptability. We recognize the inconveniences entailed in towing your automobile to a repair establishment and enduring extended wait periods for rectifications to culminate. Ergo, we extend a mobile repair service that brings the repair workshop to your doorstep. Our mechanics materialize directly at your designated site, whether it be your driveway, equipped with the requisite tools and expertise to competently undertake all mandated repairs on-site.

    We serve ALL of San Bernardino County for issues such as:

    • Engine trouble
    • Brake failure
    • Electrical problems
    • Emergency repair
    • Spark plugs
    • Hoses
    • Belts
    • Tire changes
    • Tune-ups

    Plus more.

    If you find yourself stranded on the roadside or in need of regular maintenance, rely on Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic as your trusted service provider for all your vehicle repair requirements.

    Call us at (909) 588-2826!

    this image shows car repair in Fontana, CA

    A Better Mobile Mechanic

    Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic derives immense satisfaction from being a premier mobile vehicle repair solution dedicated to catering to all you avian aficionados. Our unit comprises mechanics certified by ASE, endowed with the proficiency and comprehension required to competently manage an array of vehicle genres, spanning cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Our aspiration revolves around administering unmatched automobile maintenance that fosters unwavering confidence within our clientele.

    Central to our mission is an unswerving focus on convenience and adaptability, coupled with an unwavering commitment to offering the utmost attention and service to our patrons’ vehicles. We acknowledge the gravity of dependable transportation and the disruptive repercussions that a vehicle breakdown can inflict upon our customers’ daily regimens. To counteract such disruptions, we extend on-the-go vehicle repair services that directly reach your driveway, expediting the restoration of your vehicle’s optimal performance.

    At Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic, our adept mechanics are unwavering in their dedication to providing exceptional auto care in this town blessed with challenging water. Reach out to us today and experience firsthand the reasons we stand as the favored mobile vehicle repair solution in this vicinity. Allow us to unveil our unwavering commitment to delivering superior service.

    Areas We Service

    We understand the significance of dependable transportation and firmly believe that everyone in Greater Fontana deserves high-quality auto care. That’s precisely why we extend our mobile vehicle repair services to customers across the entire area, regardless of their location.

    San Bernardino
    Rancho Cucamonga



    With our mobile vehicle repair service in motion, the realm of outstanding auto care becomes just a phone call away. There’s no need to wrestle with the complexities of towing your vehicle to a distant repair shop or grappling with a disabled automobile as you navigate towards a remote garage. Our fully mobile service effectively transports the repair shop ambiance to your doorstep, regardless of your whereabouts within the expanse of San Bernardino County.

    Our mobile trucks are outfitted with state-of-the-art implements and technology, ensuring that the dispensation of first-rate auto care to our patrons remains unwavering. Irrespective of the kind of vehicle under consideration, our mobile trucks stand ready to cater to your automotive needs. Whether your requisites encompass routine maintenance, extensive rectifications, or the provision of emergency roadside assistance, rest assured that our team, all certified by ASE, pledges to furnish you with dependable and efficient service you can unequivocally depend upon. Get in touch with us at (909) 588-2826 today.

    Center Stage Professionalism!

    Ingrained within the core of our operations is the provision of care and reverence towards our valued clientele. Our mechanics radiate good vibes and friendly feelings, ever-prepared to attend to any queries you may harbor concerning your vehicle.

    We accord paramount significance to the meticulous rectification of your vehicle. Transparency and candor occupy a place of eminence in our value system. Our commitment finds expression in furnishing forthright pricing, devoid of concealed charges or attempts to promote extraneous services. Our suggestions are laser-focused on what we genuinely perceive to be pivotal for the safety and enduring welfare of your vehicle.

    Opting for Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic, you’re embracing a team of congenial professionals who are wholeheartedly engrossed in dispensing extraordinary service, while treating you with utmost consideration and deference. With us, the emphasis transcends mere service— it’s about fostering a relationship where your contentment is paramount. Reach us at (909) 588-2826 and get free estimates today.

    this image shows mobile mechanic in Fontana, CA
    this image shows engine repair services in Fontana, CA

    Engine Repair in Fontana

    Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic exhibits remarkable prowess in mending both gasoline and Diesel engines, extending remedies for an array of predicaments such as diminished fuel efficiency, arduous starting, misfires, and the emission of excessive exhaust smoke. Our contingent of adept mechanics harbors extensive proficiency and is armed with the indispensable implements to adeptly manage even the most complex engine restorations.

    To initiate the process of engine rectification, we embark upon a comprehensive diagnosis, unearthing the root cause of the issue. Our unit commences in-depth deliberations with you, laying out alternatives for repairs in conjunction with lucid pricing and an explicit timeline detailing the completion of necessary tasks.

    We do:

    • Tune-ups
    • Starter replacement
    • Alternator replacement
    • Fluid flush and replacement

    And so much more. Reach out to Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic today at (909) 588-2826 for trustworthy engine repair services. Our dedicated team is focused on delivering exceptional service, ensuring that you swiftly and safely return to the road.

    Car Electrical Repairs

    Electrical glitches have the potential to impose substantial inconvenience upon vehicle owners. Challenges like malfunctioning lights, feeble batteries, and flawed cables are frequently encountered by aging vehicles. Our adept technicians are impeccably equipped to tackle a wide spectrum of electrical rectifications and services, all expediently executed in the confines of your driveway.

    Whether you’re grappling with a charging system that’s amiss, perplexing wiring intricacies, defective lights, dashboard switches, ignition anomalies, or any other issue concerning electrical components, rest assured, our team commands the proficiency to accurately diagnose the conundrum and administer the necessary repairs, thus rejuvenating your vehicle’s operational prowess.

    Selecting Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic translates to saved time and an eradicated hassle as we perform vehicle servicing directly at your driveway. Consequently, if you’re currently contending with any electrical predicaments, don’t hesitate to establish contact with us today and secure an appointment. Our devoted team is primed to assist you in swiftly and securely returning to the road.

    this image shows car electrical repairs in Fontana, CA
    this image shows brake repair in Fontana, CA
    this image shows brake repair in Fontana, CA

    San Bernardino Brake Service

    The crucial significance of dependable brakes for every vehicle is well within our grasp, and Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic wholeheartedly commits to addressing this imperative. Our brake provisions are comprehensive, and we transport them directly to your threshold, assuring peak convenience for you. Whether you perceive squeaks or grinds, confront a brake pedal that pulsates, or endure compromised braking efficacy, our command of expertise equips us to diagnose the quandary and furnish the required rectifications, thereby revitalizing your brakes to their prime operational state.

    Our team of experienced mechanics is well-equipped to handle a wide range of brake services such as:

    • Brake pads
    • Master cylinders
    • Discs
    • Reservoirs
    • Brake lines

    Opting for our mobile brake services translates to conserving precious time and circumventing the ordeal of driving your vehicle to a conventional garage. Our team stands equipped to undertake essential brake repairs right within the confines of your driveway, thus furnishing you with a service that’s both prompt and convenient, engendering a renewed sense of assurance in your vehicle.

    Whether your needs encompass regular brake maintenance or you’re grappling with existing brake predicaments, don’t hesitate to establish contact with Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic. Our brake services, reliable and imbued with affability, are tailored to bestow upon you dependable solutions that you can place your unwavering trust in. Just give us a call at (909) 588-2826 now.

    Tire Changes—in Your Driveway

    The paramount significance of your vehicle’s tire safety and reliability takes center stage at Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic. Our cadre of seasoned mechanics is deeply attuned to the criticality of ensuring your security while navigating the roads. In pursuit of this objective, we present an all-encompassing tire inspection service, which meticulously evaluates the state of your tires, encompassing factors such as tread depth and inflation levels. Should we discern any indications of wear or damage that could potentially compromise your safety, we’ll promptly furnish you with pertinent recommendations for suitable replacements.

    Prioritize your safety and that of your companions by steering clear of worn or impaired tires. Pencil in an appointment with Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic today for all your tire service requisites. Our resolute team stands committed to fitting your vehicle with secure and dependable tires, empowering you to traverse the thoroughfares with unabridged tranquility. Just dial (909) 588-2826!

    this image shows tire change in Fontana, CA
    this image shows engine light repair in Fontana, CA

    Check Engine Light

    Embark on our check engine light service, where our diagnostic computer delves straight into the core of the issue, swiftly producing a code that we promptly decipher. Once unveiled, we proceed to execute what singer Sarah McLachlan aptly dubbed “a few small repairs,” restoring your vehicle’s optimal functionality. With precision and care, we ensure that your vehicle is swiftly back on the road, free from malfunctions and encompassing a performance akin to its prime state.

    Common causes for check engine lights include:

    • Sensor module failure
    • Tensioner belt failure
    • Overheating
    • Catalytic converter problems
    • A problem deeper inside the engine

    In any case, we can find out and set things under the hood right again.

    Great Service Every Time You Call

    When you connect with Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic, you enter a realm characterized by our past achievements. Our amicable dispatchers are poised to assist, adeptly guiding you through the process with a welcoming and genial demeanor. The process of scheduling becomes effortless, thanks to our user-friendly alternatives that ensure your needs are catered to according to your convenience. Following the scheduling phase, our steadfast dedication to prompt service takes the spotlight.

    Rest assured, Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic ensures professional repair. We take pride in delivering outstanding service that not only rectifies the immediate concern but also endows you with the assurance that your vehicle is under the care of capable hands. With us, the horizon extends beyond mere car remedies; it encompasses safeguarding your peace of mind and reintroducing you to the road, with safety and dependability guiding the way. Dial (909) 588-2826 today to get free estimates.

    this image shows car mechanic service in Fontana, CA
    this image shows mobile mechanics in Fontana, CA

    Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic offers a convenient and reliable solution for car owners in need of repair and maintenance services. With our swift response times and fully equipped mobile units, we bring professional assistance directly to customers’ locations, saving time and hassle. Our skilled mechanics not only fix issues efficiently but also prioritize clear communication and customer satisfaction, making us a trusted choice for keeping vehicles running smoothly.

    I’m beyond impressed with the service I received from Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic. They went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule and came to my location when my car wouldn’t start. The mechanic seemed very knowledgeable and was able to identify the problem right away.

    Timothy Hall

    My car had been making strange noises, and I was worried about driving it to a repair shop. I decided to try their mobile service, and I’m so glad I did. The mechanic arrived with a well-equipped van and quickly assessed the situation. It turned out to be a minor issue, which they fixed promptly.

    David Tedesco

    Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic deserves more than just five stars! Dealing with a flat tire on a busy day was the last thing I needed. I called them, and their team was incredibly understanding and dispatched a mechanic to my location promptly. They provided some useful maintenance tips to prevent future issues.

    Jennifer Ramsey

    Fontana’s Go-To Mobile Mechanic Solution

    Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic stands committed to delivering unparalleled mobile mechanic services throughout the expansive Greater Fontana locale. Our cadre of highly adept technicians harbors the proficiency requisite for addressing a diverse gamut of mechanical challenges spanning various vehicle categories, encompassing automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and even watercraft.

    We are attuned to the fact that mechanical quandaries can manifest suddenly, often leaving drivers marooned and disheartened. Ergo, we deploy our fully outfitted garage directly to your location, guaranteeing convenient and trustworthy repairs regardless of your whereabouts.

    Whether you find yourself grappling with brake glitches, electrical system anomalies, tire concerns, or engine malfunctions, rest assured, that our repository of expertise and equipment empowers us to resolve the issue efficaciously, propelling you back onto the thoroughfares expeditiously and securely. Don’t allow automotive predicaments to mar your punctuality for the Guardians game. Establish contact with us today and witness a harmonious under-the-hood rejuvenation that ensures your vehicle is firing on all cylinders.

    Contact Fontana Pro Mobile Mechanic at (909) 588-2826.